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Audio Scanner

A new application called Audio Scanner has joined the platform recently. cheap viagra or cialis A receiver scans through a channel list, the audio is recorded when a channel is occupied. The recordings are stored locallyparajumpers sale parajumpers zomerjas sale on the disk and can be played while the scanning is in progress. Stations can be associated with each channel so the recordings can be sorted.

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Rohde & Schwarz EM100


The new Rohde and Schwarz EM100, which is a PR100 without screen or keyboard, has been added to infopharm.com our list of supported devices.

Receiver info on Spectrum panel

The Spectrum panel has a property Frequency Click that takes a receiver, spectrum or IQ trace. If that property is set, the receiver frequency and bandwidth are visible on the displayed spectrum (assuming that the receiver frequency is in the spectrum purchase viagra span). The receiver is now frequency-controlled by a click on the spectrum.

PR100 – PScan

The PR100 can now send Panorama Scan as a spectrum trace. From the PR100 manual :

The receiver’s maximum FFT bandwidth of 10 MHz makes it possible to perform extremely fast scans across a wide frequency range (panorama scan). For this purpose, frequency windows of max. 10 MHz width are linked in succession, and thus the complete, predefined scan range is traversed. Same as with the IF spectrum, an FFT is used to process the broad window with a finer resolution. The width of the frequency window and the FFT length (number of FFT points) are variable and are selected by the receiver. In the panorama scan mode, the user can select among 12 resolution bandwidths from 125 Hz to 100 kHz. The resolution bandwidth corresponds to the width of the frequency slices (bin width) mentioned under “IF spectrum” above. Based on the selected bin width and start and stop frequency, the R&S®PR100 automatically determines mail order viagra the required FFT length and the width of the frequency window for each scan step. The receiver selects these internal parameters so that the optimum scan speed is achieved for each resolution bandwidth.

We will use this mode to perform band occupancy measurements.

Receiver window

The old receiver window has changed. The new one is fully integrated with the trace system and users can now see more than one receiver window on their screen!

Open a receiver window by double-clicking on a receiver trace. Or choose the menu Window->Traces->Receiver and drop a receiver trace on the panel. There is a field for setting the frequency step. Use the mouse wheel on the frequency field to change its value by steps. The demodulation field is hidden if it how does viagra work cannot be set (for example from an icom receiver).

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