Our Radio Monitoring Toolkit on Netbeans DZone

I’ve written this article on DZone as purchase discount viagra a brief introduction of our platform to the world of netbeans.Canada goose femme
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Version 10.9

It’s our plan to create a new version of our platform each time a new release of netbeans is out. Netbeans 6.9 has been recently released … and so the CCRM Platform 10.9 ! It not only uses the new netbeans platform but we added new features like :

  • A new installer
  • Remote traces
  • There were also lots of code changes … as we were developing, we found out that many areas in the basic code of the platform could be improved. We’ve done refactoring of classes mexico viagra no prescription to use a better hierarchy, splitting modules to get more functional entities, not mixing UI modules with non UI modules to be able to run the platform as a console server application (more on this in a later post)
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Our platform on Geerjan's blog

Geerjan, from the NetBeans Team, came across our Radio Monitoring Toolkit platfom. He wrote real viagra gel a little article on his blog about it. Check it out here.

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Our TETRA decoder @ Astrid Days

The FIT (Field Intervention Team) was showing the C.C.R.M.’s Tetra decoder on their stand at this year’s edition of the astrid days. They are very pleased with our products and services.  Marc De Buyser, A.S.T.R.I.D.’s Director General, complimented Christophe and Geoffroy for popular online pharmacy this great tool.

C.C.R.M. team would like to thanks and congratulate A.S.T.R.I.D. for this great event!

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Tetra presentation @ B.I.P.T.

The CCRM was giving a presentation for the BIPT yesterday. Christophe introduced the platform and talked more about the TETRA norm and our TETRA decoder module. Then, along with Geoffroy, he gave a quick demonstration of all the platform features and went into more details with the TETRA decoder.

The platform has great tools for monitoring and decoding RF signals. online pharmacy viagra More specific presentations on other features can be planned. If you’re interested by a training or a presentation, leave a message here or write to platform at ccrmradio dot be .

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Version 10.3

This version includes the decoding healthcare canadian pharmacy framework. All the modules versions have been updated too. The splash screen shows the version number.

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